Supercharge Your QL Computer! How to Keep Current!
This page will undergo periodic updates as new stuff becomes available for the QL. We want this to truly help current and future QL computer users to find out what is available, and from whom. Email John Rish at: 74601.1535@compuserve.com which is Home Electronics for your QL needs in North America.

AURORA, this is the QL graphics card, AND the replacement motherboard. The Aurora introduces new Graphics allowing higher resolutions varying from 512x256 upto 1024x758 depending on the type of monitor connected. It allows you to use normal QL monitors, as well as VGA, Super VGA and multisync monitors. It can be retrofited to a QL case, but fits best in a PC tower case or a Pandora (a new case is coming out soon from QBRANCH to allow for even more portability). New software drivers are being developed for it to allow you to finally be able to use upto 256 colors on your QL. It is available from Qubbesoft P/D, Qbranch in the UK, and from Home Electronics in North America.

THE PANDORA BOX, designed to place you QL computer in a box that is made just for it, black, and suitable for housing all you disk drives, motherboard, hard drive, removable media drive, etc. It comes in QL black color, and even has a handle built-in for easy carrying. It is a product of the North East Manchester QL users Group. Ideal for the Aurora card, or can be used with the original QL motherboard. Contact the following: John Gilpin at Custom Metal Products by phone at (+44) 01204-305157 ext. 177 or by fax at 01204-303728.

The QL SOUND CARD, by Jeremy Reeves (former Miracle Systems employee). This is a low cost sound recording and playback card. The small board plugs into the QL EPROM slot and sticks out about 1.5 inches. It has two sockets to allow for for an external source of sound (i.e. a microphone) and for an output to a low power speaker or the auxiliary input of an external amplifier. You will need at least a Gold Card or better interface in order to use it. For further details contact: Jermey Reeves, 22 London Street, Kingswood, Bristol, England BS15 1QZ This project seems to be on hold at the moment.

We hope to soon have information on the new drive interface/memory card in development for the QL from Qubbesoft P/D and Nasta (famed for his work on the Aurora, Qplane and Qubide interfaces and boards. It will be using the Coldfire Motorola chip and allow upto 128Meg of simms memory, and some other extras we will tell you about as we find out. This promises big increases in the amount of memory for the QL and greatly increased speed and other extras. Meanwhile for those who need them, a brand new batch of Super Gold cards and QXLs are available from Qbranch. Contact: Qbranch, P.O. Box 7, Portslade, E. Sussex, England BN41 2ND

All of the Amadeus System by Di-Ren. The Di-ren keybaord interface, centronics port, networking, sound sampler, etc. Home Electronics still has some stock of these items for sale. Contact them for your needs. We have seen no current ads from Di-Ren to indicate as to whether or not they are still in the business.

We hope to have majors details of all of these, and more, up here soon. If you know of other hardware or software that is new or innovative for the QL, contact us. Got a product you want to see listed?

Thank you for your patience.

Last updated Feb 25, 2000